A Brief Report Concerning India

A Brief Report Concerning India:

The second wave of the pandemic was severe in India than the first. The country was not prepared for it. As the first wave had subsided, everything was opened up and people started to gather together as before which led to a serious outbreak for which we were not prepared. So there is an immense shortage of oxygen cylinders and also hospital beds. As of now the situation is grim and is expected to peak by the second week of May. Many cities are going into lockdown again.

Coming to the saints in the churches in India, unlike the first wave, more saints are affected by the second wave.  So far we have lost three brothers and 1 sister among us. Some saints have recovered and some are in the process of recovery with mild to moderate symptoms. .As far as the church life is concerned, the saints are still coming together on Skype or Google Meet or Zoom, in some areas they are physically coming together in smaller groups.

We believe that in the midst of this situation the Lord is also gaining His saints and the churches more. Last week there was a Sisters’ Training in the South, more than 500 sisters participated online. These days we are also encouraged by the Lord to spread the gospel and the ministry, and to strengthen the mutual care and shepherding among the saints for the building up.

We need a lot of prayers for this country. Below are the prayer points for India that we have sent out to the churches:

1.Pray for the COVID affected saints in India in different states, that their spirit, soul, and body can be preserved complete, for the sake of the Lord’s testimony.

2.Pray for the strengthening of the enjoyment of the saints and the strengthening of the church life during the 2nd wave of pandemic.

3.Pray for the continual spreading of the gospel of the kingdom to the friends, relatives and neighbors of the saints so that many more can be brought to salvation.

4.Pray for the spreading of the ministry and the various Seekers’ Meetings online in various states so that the Lord can manifest many seekers of the truth.