2021 Spring Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans Blending Conference Special Fellowship

00:00​ Introduction and burden

03:20 What should be our understanding when we use the term “region”?

08:32​ What should be our view concerning meeting together during the current situation with the pandemic, and how can we reach out to those who may have stopped meeting because of it?

44:23​ How can we help one another to seek the horizontal and vertical fellowship instead of going to other sources first, such as the internet and social media? The brothers’ responses also include further fellowship regarding our attitude concerning our faith and how it relates to our view towards the pandemic.

1:06:10​ What can we do to follow the Lord and be His testimony, when the political and economical situation of the country is so difficult. Especially if it’s easier to leave your country than to stay?

1:19:11​ What fellowship do you have for us concerning the matters of blending and the gospel in our current situation?

1:35:20​ Can you provide us some encouragement regarding how to function properly in the Body and not going beyond our measure?