The Church in Durban—LMAfrica Newsletter(2)

The church in Durban

Towards the end of 2014 one couple moved to Durban and began to take the way of the Lord’s recovery, meeting with some seeking ones and contacts.
Later in 2017 two other couples and a single sister migrated to Durban which led to the first Lord’s Table meeting in 2018. At the end of November 2020 another couple, one retired sister and one student brother moved to Durban.This has meant that our Lord’s Day meetings have increased from about 8 adults and 4 children, to about 13 adults and 7 children.Being small in number, we are grateful that the Lord has sovereignly made a way for all the saints to live very near to one another. There is a lovely day by day church life in one another’s homes as well as regular church meetings including various prayer and fellowship times and the Lord’s day meetings.

A weekly children’s meeting has shifted to become more of a neighbourhood children’s meeting as a number of the saints’ children’s friends and even some parents have been joining us. These meetings have grown from our own 7 children to 15 to 16 children. The young working ones have also started meeting to fellowship in a regular way. Between 5 and 7 saints of this age group join regularly and this has provided a way to shepherd some of the new contacts that the trainees from the FTTP met at the end of last year during a gospel trip.

There have been various informal times with warm doors and contacts and small Bible studies starting up. It seems that the world situation has made some contacts more open and seeking of fellowship.

For Prayer

The blending of the saints in Durban with one another so that the Lord could bless the oneness and gain the one accord.
The Lord to use and bless the neighbourhood children’s meeting and also the student age meeting, to gain fruit and to keep the young ones encouraged and growing.
Finally, for the Lord to vitalise the saints to make us living and active so that we would give the Lord the way to carry out an intrinsic and organic work according to His leading.
Source:LMAfrica Newsletter May 2021