Report of Bangladesh in May

Report of Bangladesh in May 1st-31st

We visited and preached the Gospel to 1500 people in the northern parts and 25 villages in the southern parts in Bangladesh.

The serving brothers move from village to village and preach the Gospel sincerely and faithfully.

When we see how to be connected constantly with the villages we will visit, we are touched and encouraged in our mind and spirit.

After people heard of the Gospel preaching in their next village, they request visiting on their own village for the Gospel.

The Holy Spirit moves continuously in this country. The Lord’s recovery gathers strength in this country. And we want to carry on the Lord’s work in this country.

We also want to preach to lost sheep without the shepherd, and bring them to the proper church life. Please pray for this.

The Bengali recovery translation team was established in Bangladesh. Some brothers translate the Bible, and we lead them technically and practically.

Please pray for their health, safety and need, especially wisdom and understanding for the good translation.

The full-time training has begun in Bangladesh. Now, four brothers are trained, eight brothers are waiting for the admission in autumn semester starting in July. Two brothers will graduate in June.

The trainees in Bangladesh have been trained in training center in Batam, Indonesia through the on-line classes.

They also live together in the training center in Bilgonji, Bangladesh.

We teach the basic truths and the Bible through on-line on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please pray for their need to be filled, cared about well in the Body. Amen!

Source: Brothers in Bangladesh.