The Church in Rambukkana

The church in Rambukkana

The church in Rambukkana started with a sister and her family. They had to travel from home to Kandy every week to attend the Lord’s Table Meeting, which was a four-hour round trip. This spurred their burden to establish a church in their hometown. The year before last, some brothers preached the gospel there and gained another family, so the saints started to have meetings in Rambukkana. In the past year, three nearby churches―Kurunegala, Alawwa and Kandy―joined forces to propagate. Through the saints’ knocking on warm doors and regular weekly shepherding, ten households who were open to the Lord’s recovery were gained. Based on the fellowship of the brothers of the three nearby churches in the consciousness of the Body, the ten house-holds were divided into 3 groups, with each locality taking care of one group. Every week, there was a definite time of visitation to shepherd and perfect these seeking ones, and three local brothers were thus perfected into one accord. The Church in Rambukkana officially took ground on December 20, 2020. At present, the most urgent need is the continuous shepherding of the seeking ones to bring in the multiplication of the church.
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