The Churches in Ethiopia

All the saints and churches in Ethiopia are doing well. Currently we have freedom to conduct all our meetings physically, as there is no restriction on religious gatherings. In the capital city, Addis Ababa, we gather in four districts for the Lord’s table and prophesying meetings. All four districts meet together for the prayer meeting. The saints also gather regularly for various kinds of service coordination.
We are grateful to the Lord for the supply from the Body. We are enjoying the Lord’s blessing through His speaking in the 7 feasts and the Holy Word for Morning Revival after the feasts. Since the pandemic started we have been able to attend all the 7 feasts and dive into the speaking again using the Holy Word for Morning Revival. We are also able to attend the biannual conferences which used to be held in Ethiopia in April and December each year prior to the pandemic. Besides these events the Lord has blessed us with two other conferences with the coworkers. We have also had various trainings for elders and responsible brothers either via Zoom or physically.
Praise the Lord that as the word of God has grown, the number of the disciples in Ethiopia has multiplied greatly! In February 2021, a new locality in the city of Jimma was raised up and In April 2021 another church in the city of Hosaena was raised up. Jimma is a city in the south west and Hosaena is in the south. Both cities have big universities and a population of over 200,000 each.
Source: LMAfrica Newsletter June 2021