Children and Young People’s Work in Ethiopia

Children and Young People in Ethiopia Through the help of visiting saints, we began to pay attention to the children and young people’s work in 2007. We used to have young people’s meetings on Lord’s days. Due to the lack of facilities for the young ones to meet and a lack of training for the serving ones, we stopped this work in 2013. Since 2018 some sisters picked up the burden and started to serve children and young people in the saints’ homes, but this was interrupted due to the pandemic. Right after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, we immediately resumed the meeting for young people from age 12-18 years. They are encouraged to sing, get into the ministry and also read the Scriptures. They are also helped to read and memorize verses. After the corporate time, they have their own time to play and have snacks together.
Children and Young People in Ethiopia (Cont’d) Because of the use of video-conferencing platforms during the pandemic, the young ones had the privilege to blend with the young people in Europe, Taiwan and Malaysia virtually. In 2020 they enjoyed the European Young People’s Conference. In 2021 there were blending meetings with young people in Taiwan and Malaysia. Around 45 young people in Addis Ababa benefited from blending and sharing their enjoyment with other young people from different localities in different countries. During this time we have also gathered sisters in one district in Addis Ababa and helped them to come together to pray and fellowship concerning all the services including children and young people’s service. We have a burden to do this in all four districts in Addis Ababa. The sisters also are burdened to start children’s services for all ages. Recently the co-workers have picked up the burden to help strengthen the children and young people’s work in Africa. We thank the Lord that the brothers plan to give trainings to parents and serving ones. A Conference on Raising up the Next Generation was held on 19-20 June for burdened parents and serving ones from all over Africa. Please pray that the Lord may strengthen the parents and serving ones in Africa to give themselves for the proper raising up of the next generation in Africa.