Prayer Burdens (2021.8.15- 2021.8.21)—Lord’s Move to Asia

Prayer Burdens (2021.8.15- 2021.8.21)
Pray for the new testimony in Ha Long; may the Lord preserve the two young families that migrated there and open the way for the gospel to the factory workers.
Pray for the Turkish people especially the contacts of the saints; may the Lord touch them and give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that they can be saved from religion and darkness.
Pray for the gospel preaching, that more seeking families can be released through the saints’ preaching and shepherding; also pray for the word of God to grow and multiply in the church in Islamabad.
East Timor
Pray for the raising up of the church in Dili.
1. Pray that the Lord would prepare suitable ways to promote literature work on the internet.
2. Pray that the Lord would open a way for the migration of the burdened saints.