CWWL Bible Notes & Hymns – Second Edition

Dear Customer,

Since publishing the four-volume set of “Bible Notes & Hymns” as part of The Collected Works of Witness Lee in 2018, we discovered two more of Brother Witness Lee’s personal Bibles. The notes from these two Bibles have now been incorporated into this set, and a new set has been published as a second edition. This second edition of the “Bible Notes & Hymns” set contains an additional sixty-one pages of content.

If you purchased all of The Collected Works of Witness Lee or the four-volume set of “Bibles Notes & Hymns” prior to August 1, 2021, you received the first edition. If you have the first edition, it will say “First Edition, July 2018.” on the copyright page (p. ii); similarly, the second edition will say, “Second Edition, July 2020.”

Those who have purchased the first edition of the “Bibles Notes & Hymns” set either separately or as part to the entire Collected Works and wish to purchase the second edition of this four-volume set may do so at a special 60% discounted price of $40 per set. This special offer is available until December 31, 2021.

To purchase this set at the special price or for more information please email or call the Book Section at 714-236-6050.

In Christ,

LSM Book Section