Prayer Burdens (2021.8.22- 2021.8.28)—Lord’s Move to Asia

Prayer Burdens (2021.8.22- 2021.8.28)
Sri Lanka
Pray for the online distribution of Rhema books; may the Lord bind the evil power and cause these books to reach the genuine seeking ones.
1. Pray for the upcoming fall term of the FTTND, that the Lord can cover all the trainees and the serving ones so that their spirit, soul and body be preserved complete.
2. Pray for the campuses in the major cities, that the college students can have a breakthrough in the functioning of the gospel and shepherding.
Pray for building up a model of the proper church life in Cambodia especially in the church in Phnom and the church in Siem Reap.
Pray for the initial contact with Rhema readers that more seekers can be gained by the Lord for His testimony.
Pray for the saints to establish a life of morning revival, prayer, Bible-reading and gospel preaching and become vital members in the church life.