Church in NIGERIA

There is 16 localities in NIGERIA , the number of  the saints in church life is 850,and 750 could attend the Table meeting.

The pandemic has turned out to be a blessing to the saints in Nigeria. At the beginning of the lockdown, only Lagos and Abuja were on total lockdown; the saints there started meeting virtually.

In addition, the Life-study broadcast in Lagos used to be able to reach only five states within Western Nigeria. The saints have been burdened to get the broadcast to the rest of the states in Nigeria, but the radio station which broadcasts the program had refused to cooperate. The Lord opened a way during the pandemic – the air space was opened and the radio station started airing via a URL. This method of broadcasting made it possible for the program to be made available beyond the initial five states. Now, the Life-study broadcast can reach all over the country without any additional fee.

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